Counseling Processes

Counseling – the act or process of giving counsel
– the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by atrained personon a professional basis, toresolve personal,social,orpsychological problems and difficulties
– a generic term that is used to cover the several processes of interviewing, testing,guiding,advising, etc.designedtohelpan individual solve problems, plan for the future, etc.
Process – a systematic series of actions directed to one end
– a continuous action or series of changes taking place in a definite manner
In counseling, there are many processes used by acounselor in hissessions with a client.These may be done in a specific order or howeverwhich way the counselor sees them to be appropriate.Listed below are the different processes that may be undertaken during a counseling session.
1. Before meeting a counselee, the counselortries tofindout as much as he can about the former.This is done so that he may discern what will help the client most.Also, he has tofathomthecounselee’spast so that hewill knowbeforehand how he can help him.
2. The counselor and the counselee take some time to get to know each other.This is a process that works both ways, as does the entire counseling process upon which they are about to embark.In the process, the counselee’s needs are assessed and appropriate therapy may be chosen.
3. Questionnairesortestsmay be giventothecounselee toproveordisprove the counselor’s initial findings.It may be too early to judge the counseleeright away but this may help the counselor in the totality of the sessions.
4. The counselor needs to determine, with greateraccuracy, thenature ofthe emotion and experience that isbehindthe counselee’s current difficulties by further detailed examinationof thelatter’shistory.Someof theissues andpatterns raised in the …

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