Counseling: Discuss Issues that a Counselor Must Address During the First Meeting With a New Client

Thefirst meeting between a counselor and a new client sets the stage for the rest of the counseling relationship and as such it is important to use thatfirst meeting to set boundaries, explore counseling need, and examine what direction the counseling will go in the future.
There are several steps that are taken to launch this path and explore the elements that are necessary for the housekeeping tasks that are part and parcel of the counseling package.
The approach used by the counselor in getting these housekeeping details taken care of also help set the tone of the relationship between the counselor and the client for future meetings.
A common approach is to use a written packet that the counselor and client go over together with them each initialing certain areas to demonstrate understanding and agreement with the policies.
This step of the program usually entails a written statement about confidentiality, professional ethics, the importance of client self determination in the success of therapy, steps the client can take if he or she has any complaints or concerns about the care being provided and the importance the client having a supportgroup outside of the counseling sessions.
In addition to these elements, it is important to cover the sensitivity and non-discrimination policy at the center or counselor office.It is during this phase of the meeting that the counselor should provide all phone numbers and chain of command steps for grievance procedures.
Once these details have been handled the counselor can move to the next portion of that initial meeting which works with diagnostic tools and other elements of setting up counseling needs for the new client.
During thefirst meeting it is important that the counselor utilize skills that will help put the client at ease and thereby help maintain the purity and honesty of the answers and provide a better diagnosis.
This includes the demonstration on t…

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