Could Gun Control Prevent Tragedy

A couple of years ago on April twentieth, two teenagers no more than sixteen years of age, decided to wreak havoc on their school.By the end of their fifteen minutes of terror, they had killed thirteen people: twelve students and one teacher, before taking their own lives.And so we have the birth of the Columbine tragedy.Could better weapons control have prevented the Columbine tragedy?
I say weapons control, because a lot more weapons than just guns are used in crimes.In fact, more often than not, a knife is used to threaten people, rather than a gun.Whether a knife or a gun, all are weapons of mass destruction; I say mass destruction because any weapon used to kill someone causes a mass destruction.A person doesn't even need a sharp object to take another one's life.What are we to do, ban all potentially dangerous objects? That isn't even construed as a possible resolution, simply because it is improbable.So we move on to the weapons that cause the bigger bang, guns.
If we ban use of all guns to civilians then we have no guns to shoot each other with.Not quite that simple because 1) it conflicts with a constitutional right every American is born with and 2) only two people will have guns: law enforcement officials and the bad guys.Drugs are 100 percent illegal, but many people still find a way to smoke a joint after they get home from work.
So over the past years, we've had laws passed to restrict who can own weapons and requiring specials permits for special uses (i.e. Concealed handgun).Despite these efforts, people are still getting murdered everyday for motives mostly related to money.The people using these guns aren't, by any means, law-abiding citizens, so what makes you think they are going to have permits for their guns?They're not, plus every gun has a unique mark it leaves on every slug, making it very easy to trace back what gun the slug came from, why would…

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