Costa Rica’s Biodiversity

Costa Rica has been considered one of the most diverse regions and it is estimated that 4% of all living species are found there. There are many different species there, such as Tree-dwelling Green Iguanas, Poison-arrow Frogs, Golden Toads, Coral Snakes, Toucans, Spider Monkeys, Tarantulas, and so many more.
The Tree-dwelling Green Iguanas is probably the most common reptile you;ll see in Costa Rica. It can grow to almost two meters in length and it is most spotted in moist deciduous habitats, crawling on the forest ground or basking on branches that hang over water, which is how it escapes when threatened. Its head is the size of a man;s fist and has many leathery spines. Its body is covered in a scaly hide and very wrinkled around the sockets of its legs. Despite its scary appearance, it is quite harmless and is a vegetarian. People in the local towns, call it the ;tree chicken;.
The Poison-arrow Frog is a wildly colored amphibian ranging from bright red with blue or green legs to bright green with black markings. These frogs release skin toxins that are distasteful or lethal to their potential predators and their bright colored markings are to warn predators of their danger. Indians extract their deadly poison with which to tip their arrows with.
The Golden Toad is one of the most famous poisonous frog species but it is also very rare. This bright, neon orange toad that was discovered in 1964 is not easily seen, even though it is one of the most brightly colored animals in the world. The Golden Toad is hardly ever seen that some naturalists think that it may now only exist on the cover of tourist brochures.
Among the more colorful snakes are the four species of coral snakes, with small heads, blunt tails, and brilliant bands of red, black and yellow or white. These highly venomous snakes, often fatal to humans, show a amazing defensive display when they are approached. They flatten their bodies and sn…

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