Costa Rica

It's the end of the second semester and final exams are over.After going home to relax you decide to go to the store for some beverages.While there you were randomly selected to be in a contest.Even though you don't know what the prize is you decide to do it anyway.Then a week later you are you are checking the mail.In it you find five tickets to an all expense paid for trip to Costa Rica for one week.The Costa Rica Destination Guide describes Costa Rica as a country of spectacular natural beauty and having an array of attractions.
Transition:Now I am going to tell you a little more about Costa Rica's environment.
A. Backbone of volcanoes and mountains.
2. Temperature depends on location (72 central, 82 Atlantic, 89 degrees Pacific).
Transition:Here is some background Information on attractions and destinations.
II. A country of spectacular natural beauty and an array of attractions.
A. Exotic beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, diverse wildlife.
B. San Jose is the cosmopolitan capital.
1. Travel hub and center for Costa Rica.
2. It has department stores, shopping malls, fast-food chains, and museums.
A. Luxury resorts and deserted beaches.
B. Jaco is a beach-resort town that attracts package holiday tourists and those keen to party hard.
C. Snorkeling, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, camping and many different adventure activities.
Conclusion:Now that I have given you some background information on the environment, attractions, destinations and some great activities available to visitors.Why would anyone not want to see the beauty and enjoy all the activities that Costa Rica has to offer?

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