Cosmos: Carl Sagan’s Introspect of Our Universe

There is more to the world than just what can be seen. This statement may seem contradictory, but it is accurately portrayed in the writings of Carl Sagan in his novel based on the television series, Cosmos. ;Cosmos; is a Greek root meaning ;order in the universe.; Apart from the counter definition you;ve probably heard of (chaos meaning ;without form;). The cosmos don;t only have to do with our planet, our solar system, or even our whole galaxy. It is a difficult concept to understand; the cosmos are everything, even the things we cannot imagine. Some people call this intertwining of all things ;God,; yet history predating Biblical references shows the interest in natural processes. This is exactly the philosophical process necessary to complete this extravagant novel, which was planned on by the author.
This book is not the traditional science textbook, nor is it a sci-fi thriller; yet, it has components that only an informational text can obtain. The novel is not an easy read nor is it a challenging thesis. Cosmos has an idea of history that is interesting, complex, and there is a capability to be able to read it, therefore making it a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel as a reference but it is nothing of the sort of a traditional novel.
One excellent point that the novel does include is that fact that we owe all of our innovations not to a select few of scientists, but to all who questioned the authority of ;God,; or the ruling authority of ;unspoken laws.; There is no possible way that in even this millennia we will be able to fully understand the cosmos. And, it is possible that as the human race, we will never understand the processes of all the worlds out there. But, there have been several cases (going back to thefirst science experiment dated to Ionia, p. 145) in which people that didn;t necessarily have to have exquisite minds, just a q…

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