Corruption- A threat to Democracy

Corruption – A Threat To Democracy
Human history has so far witnessed three modes or forms of governance: (a) governance by a monarch king; (b) rule by a dictator; and (c) democratic governance. Through a process of trial and error, democracy with all its flaws has come to be accepted as the best form of governance. India with its great heritage of moral values, culture and civilization is undoubtedly the largest democratic country in the world.
After independence, India accepted the Parliamentary form of democracy in which all powers of the state were vested in the hands of elected representatives of the people. Parliament and State Legislatures are the most important pillars of Indian democracy. People elect their representatives periodically and elections form an integral part of our democratic system. The genuine aspirations and expectations of the people can be reflected only through fair elections. It was thus obligatory on the part of the Members of Parliament (MPs) and the Members of the Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) in the states to behave according to the norms laid down in our Constitution and to strive to protect our great heritage and moral values. But the proverbial dictum,'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' has come to stay in our political system also.
In a moment of retrospection of the Indian politics, one realizes with alarm that the democratic system is increasingly being driven by money, muscle power, individual greed and unconcealed ambitions of political leaders. The system fails to serve the common man and as a People we have been forced to relinquish the ideals that inspired the founders of modern India to envision the country as a model of people-oriented politics and development for the rest of the world.
A vibrant political system means a multiplicity of political parties, which is all very good. But the vibrancy of the system does not mean that the politic…

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