Corporations and the Environment

I feel that the responsibility for keeping the environment clean does not rest with the corporations who pollute it, but with the government who does not stop them.
If there are no laws and regulations that are enforced by the government for the corporations to follow then they are in no way accountable for their actions.They will in most likely hood simply pollute the environment in order to gain a buck or save a buck.
A good example of this is when certain corporations turn their filters off at night time in order to save money on energy.If the government does not enforce the laws the corporations will continue doing so and adding pollutants to our environment.
Changes need to be made in the monitoring of the amount of emissions that certain corporations put out on an ongoing basis.This is needed to track the corporations who are following the laws and the ones who are not.Government needs to establish a system that will enable them to enforce corporations to meet their guidelines.Perhaps a system that deals out a suitable punishment that fits the crime as well as incentives for those who meet and go beyond the system.Possible ideas are tax credits and rebates for companies meeting the targets set by the government.
Another good idea would be for the government to offer incentives for investors who look at environmentally friendly companies as opposed to looking at those corporations who are not known for being environmentally active. Such incentives could include tax credits on the individual's tax return.
Corporations need to be held accountable and the government needs to be the one responsible for making them so.Laws, regulations and incentives need to introduced and enforced if we want to leave our children and their children a world in which they can live without fearing the air that they breath and the water that they drink.

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