Copyright Privacy in China

Copyright privacy pirating in China is just like the wild grasses in our backyards. We claim everyday to eliminate them, while they win the game at last all the time. Why do these wild grasses, which are heavily threatening the development of China??s IT industry, have such an ?°invincible?± growing? I think it is China??s government who should be responsible for that rich ground, and the situation will remain unchanged until more severe actions are taken.
Two kinds of people directly result in the prosperity of copyright pirating. One is the supplier, including the illegal producer and some retailer, the other is the user, who eventually buys those pirate materials. Both of them can gain considerable profits by devoting to the illegal deal. It is completely a win-win situation except for the risk of being caught by the government.
Then let??s see the result, or something called punishment, of being caught due to copyright pirating. The suppliers may pay some penalties or be sent to prison for a couple of months, however, comparing to the great gains they may have, counting the low frequency and efficiency of the government??s action, the job of copyright pirating in China is much safer than investing in the stock market. The other related group, end users, even didn??t have to pay anything for their illegal actions some years ago. All the influence the government exerts on the violators is too tiny to force them to stop their ?°job?± on hand and turn to make a tradeoff.
Although the government has realized their urgent central role in the protection of copyright privacy, their actions and the punishments are still far from enough. I believe only some stricter rules are worked out, will the copyright pirating in China be really prohibited in the end.

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