Coping With School Violence

Violence is definitely a major problem in our school systems today. Establishing guidelines and observation by educational staff and parents cannot only deter violence but also prevent it. Noticing the early warning signs in a child's behavior is the key to observance. As adults, we have a responsibility to protect our children. Whether the violence has to do with typical shoving, name calling, or weapons; school violence is getting out of control.
Consider these grave statistics: "160,000 children nationwide ditch school daily in fear of violence, every day 100,000 take guns to school, and 6,250 teachers are threatened daily and 260 are assaulted, and an estimated 14,000 children are attacked on school property every day" Washington Education Association. "Preventing & Coping With School Violence." Online. (p.2).14 Nov. 2004When parents begin to worry about their children's safety at school, it should flag us that there definitely is a problem. School violence is a major issue and begins to grow bigger each year. Each time there is an occurrence, more children are afraid to go to school. Every child has a right to an education in a safe and secure environment, and violence in our nation's schools threatens that right. This is a sign that something has to be done.
Since the late 90's, shootings and other random acts of violence have grown significantly in our nation's schools. "On the 2nd day of February 1996, Barry Loukaitis from Moses Lake, Washington opened fire in his Algebra class killing two students and a teacher. There was yet another shooting in the same month that took place on February 19th, 1996 in Bethel, Alaska killing the principal and a student. Three more shootings took place in 1997, including the shooting in Pearl, Mississippi on October

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