Contributions to Nursing

There are many types of nurses and they undertake differentfunctions
in the treatment of their patients. Of the lot, the type of nurseswhoare
in regular touch with the families arethemedicinenurse.Theyprovide
care to the patients, educate the familiesabouthealthandpromotethe
proper care for health for both individuals andfamilies.Theyareoften
thefirst point of contact between the families under their chargeandthe
important point of contact. They ensure that the care that patientsgetis
the most suitable for the patient,andalsocosteffective.(Aboutthe
Due to their close contact with the familiestheygettoknowthe
families and individuals well. They provide care thatcanbeaccessedby
geographicallocation,socialstatus,cultural background or other
differences. Theyarecontinuallyinvolvedwiththefamiliesandthe
members of all age levels andhelpthemtopassthroughthedifferent
health relatedhappenings.Allhealthcareprovidersgettheir first
knowledge about the family from the nursesattachedtothefamily.They
also help the families and the members to plan for theirownhealthcare.
The profession ofnursingwasgivenaproperimagebyFlorence
Nightingale. Herfirst step in nursing was tositinthehomesofsick
peopleinhervillageandinvestigatelocalhospitals and nursing
practices. She had originally wanted to be a nurse, butwasnotpermitted
by her parents, as it was then notconsideredasuitableprofessionfor
women as well educated as Florence Nightingale. Thediscussionsabouther
future were still going on when all agreed that Florence would makea…

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