Continuous Reform of the Middle East

A lot of changes have happened to the Middle East since the United States of America made a self-declaration that it would commit to helping and bringing a new life to the said country.A new form of governance has been trying to establish, different business activities were gradually initiated, and several political and economic systems were planned and laid down.All these are still in the initial phase of change and reforming the Middle East.But what will happen when the US changed its present leadership?What will happen tight after the election that will commence in 2009? What are the next possible course actions concerning the Middle East?
Continuous Reform of the Middle East
It should be noted that during the past couple of years, majority of the citizens in the Middle East (from the Islamist-inspired urban poor to emancipated women concerned about personal status rights) have been so keen and involved about their country’s political system.They are so involved that they are willing to do any, accept ideas or debate over anything that will reinforce the use of their own government system “as a tool for exploring political dynamics in the region” (Kipper, 2001). Many are thinking that Middle East is not ready for the proposed reform of the Bush administration and that the country is not welcoming the idea of having a civil society.However, the current situation of the country speaks clearly that it is indeed ready to have a civil society.In fact, the factors that were initially thought to be unfavorable for the development of civil society are now seen as the opportunities to create one. These factors are now perceived as the possible “forces for the development of civility, civisme, and the rights of citizenship” (Kipper, 2001).
Combined with social developments once celebrated by the “modernization” school (e.g., rising literacy rates, and growing middle classes . . .), conditions are not altogether unfavora…

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