Continentality in South Texas

Problem Statement 3
Hypothesis 3
Background 3
Data and Methods 4
Results and Conclusions 4

Problem Statement

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Is it true that the further away from the ocean it is, the wider the temperature range?


The theory of continentality is true.The further away from the Gulf of Mexico, the higher the temperature range will be.


The theory of continentality is that the further away from a major ocean, the greater the temperature range is.For this project three major cities in South Texas were chosen;Galveston, Houston and San Antonio.I chose each of these cities, because I am planning to move to San Antonio or Houston after I graduate.The weather in that area of the country is very different than it is here and I thought it would interesting to find out just a little more about the climate in that area.

Each are a further distance from the ocean, respectively.Galveston is a coastal city.Houston is approximately 30 miles from the ocean and San Antonio is about 200 miles from the ocean.I took a road trip there for spring break of this year and just by observation, noticed a steady difference as I got closer to Galveston.First, San Antonio was very hot and dry.It wasn't extreme weather when I was there, but a typical spring day.As I got closer to Houston, it became a little cooler and much more humid.I'm not going into humidity at this time, however the closer I got to Houston, the more humid it was.When I arrived in Galveston, it was a lot cooler and even more humid than Houston.So I determined at that time that continentality, although I didn't know that is what it was called at the time, was the reason for the steady difference as I got closer to the ocean.

Data and Methods

My hypothesis was based solely on the week I spent in south Texas and then on the theory of continen…

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