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Music piracy has caused quite a stir with copyright infringement laws in recent months.A current article I found talks about a recent issue within this topic.The main issue is consumers digital writes.It was published in the San Francisco Chronicle by Benny Evangelista.A group of entrepreneurs have proposed a law to protect consumers and allow them to copy CDs, use a MP3 player, and watch DVD movies on their computer.These three areas are the major pirated areas of digital products.The government is currently trying to crack down on these three areas and make it so it is not possible to do them on any computer.These entrepreneurs feel this is wrong and want to protect the consumers rights.They argue that not all people that own a computer are going to be'piraters.'They state "All consumers are not potential criminals."The entrepreneurs have proposed a Consumer Technology Bill of Rights that says the following things should still be okay for consumer to do
: record tv shows to watch later, copy songs from CDs to a portable device, make backup copies of content, and translate content into different formats.The concern that the government has is the rights listed about can be taken advantage of.
This article is defiantly coming from one side of the topic.The side it is arguing is the consumer side.This side contains both innocent and guilty parties which includes the people that are taking advantage of digital technology;'pirates.'The other side is the artists and corporate businesses that want to protect their product.Without this proposal all consumers would be labels as'piraters' when just a certain percentage actually are.
The writer for this article is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.His primary role is to inform the public about current issues.He specifically want to write about issues that impact the people of the San Francisco area. …

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