Constructive Procrastination

I don’t like doing work. I don’t know many people who do. I don’t trust people who like doing work, because they’re probably communists, and we all know that communists are evil. But sooner or later, the work has to get done. Not liking work, I tend to put things off until the absolute last possible moment. The thing is, if I’m just goofing off when I know full well I could be doing my work, a little thing called guilt seeps into my consciousness, and I don’t like guilt either. Does this mean I have to stop procrastinating and get down to work to avoid this feeling of guilt? usually not.
Now i’m not up here to advocate procrastination, because lets face it, i probably don’t need to. But I am up her to introduce you to a concept
that turns procrastinators into effective human beings, constructive procrastination. At its basic level, constructive procrastination is the justification that whatever you are doing to avoid work will actually have a positive effect on your work. It’s the art of making this bad trait work for you.
Some of you might be saying, you can call it whatever you want, but a procrastinator is a procrastinator. Keep in mind, procrastinators do absolutely nothing when they should be painting the house, Consructive procrastinators do marginally useful things while they should be painting, like organizing your socks by color, or sharpening every pencil in the house.
Let me show you how constructive procrastination works.
Thefirst stage of constructive procrastination is denial. Denial is the part where you know full well that it’s due on Friday, you know its going to take hours and hours of work, but you think you have plenty of time before the deadline looms over your head. After a couple days or even a couple hours of putting off the project, you come out of the denial stage, and this is where stage two comes in; constructive alternatives. Once in this stage, you can’t
return to the stage of denial, nor c…

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