construction project observations

After several months of planning and design, excavation for the new ACES library on the University of Illinois campus began in May 1999.The project is sponsored and will be owned by the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois. Six separate contractors are working together under one general contractor. The project, which began in May of 1999, is scheduled to be completed by February 2001. Through informal interviews with Charles O. Pickar we learned that the project is 4-5 weeks behind schedule. Pending weather conditions 25 to 35 workers usually present on site. The typical workday can run between 6:30am and depending on deadlines can last until 9-10pm. As of the third week in January 2000, the concrete foundation and the steel framework for the five-story structure, with the exception of the roof, were intact.The appendix of this report contains photographs of observed procedures and site materials.
On the morning of January 27, two massive 18-wheel trucks carrying various shapes and sizes of steel beams were unloaded on site.It took almost two hours to unload each truck.A crane approximately 200 ft. high was used to move the steel from the truck onto wooden planks on the ground.The steel was separated by shape, and by using the quite large reaching span of the crane, the workers were able to deliver the beams directly from the truck to their appropriate sides of the site.This operation involved a six-man crew.Two men connected the hooks from the crane onto the steel.Two men guided the steel onto the planks on the ground.Two men took turns operating the crane.This process was very time consuming due to the amount of steel needed to be lifted entirely over the five story structure to the other side of the site, and due to what seemed to be a lack of experience of the rigging crew.It took them a very long time to make the connections on each beam, and check for security.These factors may have influen…

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