Constitutional Rights and the Bill of Rights

A few of the most important ideas the United States was founded on are the rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights come into a major role when it comes down to laying out the specifics and both guaranteeing and protecting our rights as citizens. The Bill of Rights serves as the framework for the United States and justifies exactly what the United States of America was founded on Freedom. These amendments stated in the Constitution assure us, the citizens, our rights, and liberties will be protected by and from the government. However, the rights that are given to us are not without restrictions. There are many different ways to apply the rights given to us in certain situations. The most common issue with many laws is: “How do I determine the limits of my rights?” I will be talking about the amendments and offer my opinion on them through the eyes of an 18-year-old.
Among the most popular Amendments is the 1st amendment, granting citizens the right to freedom of speech and also includes the right to communicate information and ideas through speeches, are, radio, books, television, the internet, and other sources of mass media. The 1st amendment states that an individual has the right to be exposed to different points of views. On the other hand, like most laws and rights there are exceptions as well as limits. The 1st amendment is in fact limited in numerous ways. The exceptions to free speech include obscenity, defamation, commercial speech, and fighting words. The reasons for the limits are completely reasonable, for the simple reason that they all protect other individual’s rights. For example, a way these limits protect and the individual is by limiting everyone’s freedom to freely curse, harass, or verbally influence another person to retaliate, resulting in a possible fight. This refers to the limitations concerning “fighting words.” This limit states another citizen cannot use t…

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