The nation’s founders, fifty-five men, met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to write a new constitution and to form a new government. George Washington was elected chairman of the convention. The people at the convention were all elite members of society at the time.
Edmund Randolph of Virginia presented a draft of a new constitution .The Virginia Plan proposed a two-house legislature. A lower-house directly elected by the people of the states based on the population, and an upper house elected by the Lower House. The congress was to have broad legislative power, with veto over laws passed by state legislatures .The President and cabinet would be elected by legislature. The national judiciary would be elected by legislature, and their would be a “Council of Revision” with power to veto laws of Congress. Delegates from New Jersey , New York and Delaware did not agree with the Virginia Plan due to the great power delegated to the national government.
William Paterson of New Jersey submitted a counterproposal .The New Jersey Plan proposed a one-house legislature, with equal state representation regardless of population. Congress had some legislative power, including levying some taxes and the regulation of commerce. The plan also proposed separate executive and judicial branches, elected by Congress and removable by petition from majority of state governors. The chief executive appointed the judiciary. The plan also included the supremacy clause, stating that the Constitution and federal laws would prevail over state constitutions and laws.
After several months of debate, Roger Sherman of Connecticut came forward with a compromise. The Connecticut Compromise proposed a two-house legislature, with numerical representation in the directly elected House and equal state representation in the indirectly elected Senate. It also gave Congress broad legislative power, including the power to levy taxes and to regulate commerce. It pro…

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