Conserving Energy – Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Conserving energy is important, since the world will not be able to
depend on nonrenewable resources in the future.Nonrenewable resources
are resources that cannot be replaced such as natural gas, coal, and oil.
Conserving energy will lessen the need for nonrenewable resources, which
will be beneficial to the environment, by helping to preserve more natural
environments. Energy allows humans to live comfortable lives by powering
our modern day conveniences. Automobiles and electricity are two common
items that are dependent on a steady stream of energy.Energy consumption
around the world has been on an increasingly uphill climb, for many years
now.Society needs to work towards understanding and utilizing renewable
resources because nonrenewable resources are depleting, which will
eventually lead to zero resources for energy.
Nonrenewable and renewable are words used to define various natural
resources. A renewable resource is a natural resource that when used can be
replace such as wind, trees, and water. Renewable resources are highly
sought out because of their ability to reproduce, when more is needed.
Renewable energy is viewed as safe for the environment, when compared to
the hazards of nonrenewable resources.
Nonrenewable resources are found in chunked amounts, and are used up
more rapidly than the replacement rate. Although there are nonrenewable
resources found in nature, these are deemed more harmful to the environment
than renewable resources. Nonrenewable resources are non-replaceable as
soon as these are used, which makes these an unfavorable source of energy
when compared to the benefits of renewable resources.
Conserving energy helps the environment and can help people save
money. An action such as turning off a light contributes to conserving
energy. Limiting shower durations, using energy efficient light bulbs, and
unplugging appliances when n…

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