Conservatism and inequality

A main component of the conservative train of thought places an emphasis on the natural hierarchy of society and preservation of the status quo in the name of keeping order.If inequality exists in a society, it is because it has naturally arisen, and in the interests of preserving order, the institutions that allow this inequality to exists must not be radically changed.Conservatives believe that states should be the actors in social and political reform, and if there is to be a reformation pertaining to social status, it should be examined in the context of how it will effect the society or nation as a whole.This is most evident by examining how conservatives confront the two chief disparities in society: social inequality (racism and feminism) and economic inequality.In the former case, preservation of the natural roles that have been formed, likewise of the natural kinship one feels with the dominant culture under his nation-state becomes an excuse for the aversion of civil parity.In the latter, necessary order is secured by the gap between the impoverished and the wealthy.
Conservatives have traditionally stressed the importance of the notion that we as individuals are always part of a bigger unity, from family, to community, to church, to the nation.The essential societal stability that arises from this is a direct result of citizens fulfilling their duties to each respected group, and it is important that these roles remain defined and unchanged in order to maintain this stability.In addition, people are born and cast into these roles as a result of individual strengths of mind and body, and government attempting to intervene to level out this diversity will stifle liberty, especially that of society's most capable and effective members. Moreover, conservatives are pessimistic of human nature, believing immoral behaviour is "rooted in every individual" (religious conservatives attribute it to &q…

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