Conservation and Sustainability of Natural Resources

People consume natural resources faster than the planet can renew them. Conservation is a word, concept or a thought process that does not go through a person's mind when they are washing dishes, leaving the toaster plugged in, using paper, or throwing cans in the trash! Webster's Dictionary describes conservation as "a careful preservation and protection of something; especially: planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect." Conservation is so important because we are running out of our world's most precious resources, such as water, energy, trees, wildlife, and minerals; sustainability is a great way you can help protect our planet for our future. There are three people that will or have gone done in world history for their acts in conservation. Al Gore, Teddy Rooseveltand John Muir.
Today, Al Gore is one of our best known Conservationist, or as The Godfather of Green. He cares so much about this planet. He even made a movie called An Inconvenient Truth. This movie is amazing. It is about was is happening to our planet and what will happen to this planet if we are not very careful about how we use and abuse it. Not only was Al Gore a conservationist but he was a Vice President and a Nobel Prize winner. He also teamed up with World Wildlife Foundation and created the National Forest Act which saved a big beautiful forest in Borneo.
Al Gore is someone I truly admire; he has stood up for our planet, this country and for each and every one of us.Sure, most people can find the worst in everybody, I feel as if he didn't care about what people thought of him, but what was right for his country and our planet. Another person who felt the way he does was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson also in politics actually the twenty-sixth president of the United States thought a lot like Al Gore. President Jefferson was an outdoorsman and a naturalist he also created…

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