Cons on legalizing drugs

In the following essay I will persuade you into thinking why drugs should not be legalized. I will also talk about the different types of drugs that the government is thinking about legalizing.
Drugs break up into many categories.There is marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine, pcp, and other harder drugs.Marijuana is really not a bad drug; Smoking Marijuana produces almost instant effects, lasting one to four hours. Marijuana makes people relaxed and talkative, but is a depressant, which can make people who are sad feel worse. Sound and colors also become more intense. Users typically say that Marijuana improves self-awareness, relationships with others and makes them more “easy going”, tolerant and understanding. Some Marijuana users say that it helps them to be creative.When most people use marijuana they end up taking the harder drugs.Harder drugs include heroin, crack cocaine, pcp, cannabis etc.Society will tell you that marijuana is a "harmless drug".All this drug does is get you "high".After using this drug for awhile, the user starts wanting to get a bigger high.When that happens they turn into crack heads.That is one reason why drugs shouldn't be legalized.
Another reason why I think drugs shouldn't be legalized is because people driving under the influence of marijuana will increase along with other things that can happen when you are under the influence of drugs.While driving high your sense of judgment is off, and that might cause you to have an accident.You might even cause an accident to happen because of your judgment.When your judgment is off while driving, that can cause a lot of damaging things to happen.Sometimes while you are using marijuana it changes your whole body emotions.You might end up doing or committing a crime while using marijuana or any other drugs.Being under the influence of drugs can cause you to act like something that you are not.For example:…

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