Conneticut Courts

The state I chose to do my judicial research on was Connecticut. My reasons for doing so were because of all the family I have in Hartford. I am up there so often I figured I would make use of this research and build some knowledge. I was surprised by the amount of information that I found in such a small sized state. The web-site given to us to research for state information showed a lot of historical information.
In my paper I will give my description of the state court system. I will discuss a few facts of the creating of the early judicial system. Then I will introduce the Connecticut's Courts of Limited and General Jurisdiction and the Appellate and Supreme Court. I will show the process for election of judges and describe the way the courts are laid out around Connecticut.
The earliest court proceeding was held on April 26th, 1636, entitled "A Courte holden in Newton." Two years later they created a count that met even three months which the Particular Count, nicknamed the "Quartet Court." In 1665 they got rid of the Court of Particulars and created the Court of Assistants County Courts and the Probate Court. The Probate court mainly handled wills and estates. Then in 1711 they got rid of the Court of Assistants, the web page didn't ever say or give reason why. But those courts were replace with what is known today, as the Superior Courts are a part of the Trial Courts of general Jurisdiction. What they do is hear both criminal and civil cases. (web #1)
The state of Connecticut showed a lot of progress within the earlier part of the twentieth century. The Juvenile system of courts was created in the 1920's and by 1940 the courts had full use of the justice system. Municipal, County and State courts got rid of county government. Circuit Courts then took over the prior three level systems and everything was taken over by the state. (web #1)
Thefirst part of the court system I am going t…

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