Conflict in the Mid East

Conflict and Turmoil in the Middle East
The middle east is a land full of hate and conflict, many factors from both past and present combine to make the middle east the center of unrest that it is today.Some factors are it's diverse group of peoples living in such a small area, the many different rulers and owners the land has had throughout the years, and the evil rulers the countries currently have.Those are just a few of the many reasons the middle east is presently a troubled and turbulent area.
One of the main reasons there is so much tension in the middle east, is all of the different peoples and ethnic groups that live there.This is due to the numerous rulers the middle east has had over the past centuries.Ruling power will be passed from empire to empire and kingdom to kingdom numerous times, each time a new gauge is formed, more hatred is grown for the enemy, and more and more people wish to fight again for the land they believe is rightfully theirs.The middle east is defined as the lands in North Africa, all the way east to the Dardanelles in Asia Minor, so technically thefirst rulers of the middle east were the ancient Egyptians in 4000 BC, later the war-like Assyrians grew up along-side the Egyptians at about 1000 BC.Soon, at around 500 BC, the Persians came and conquered the entire middle east, with their capitol being in present day Iran.The Persian Empire was soon defeated by Alexander the great in 334 BC.His
rule was short-lived, though, as the Romans gained control of the area in 300 BC.The Roman Empire enjoyed a long and prosperous reign until it's inevitable collapse in 500 AD, this enabled the Arab-Islamic empire to gain control of the middle east, North Africa, Spain, and lands that stretched to the borders of China and India in the year 661.The rule of the Arab-Islamic empire went unchallenged for hundreds of years, until around the 10th century, when the Seljuk Turks, …

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