Computers and Their Mathematical Application

Ever since the mid 1980's, computers in elementary and middle schools have been used for the students to practice their basic math skills. Some schools use computers to take tests, or just for practice drills. Computers can help the students build up a good sense of how current events have an effect on the economy, how to manage money, how to understand profit and loss, and how to use spreadsheet software.
When you learn to use graphs, tables, diagrams, and spreadsheets you learned something that contains math.
Teachers use computer programs to increase the way they teach math through technology, but it also gives them information as to the profit of computer-assisted mathematics instruction for student growth in both of the areas.
Computers can be used in stores to keep track of the about of money they have, and of course in order to add money you have to know something about math. Earlier research suggests that access to technology contributes to the accomplishment of mathematics education improvement.
In June 2000 teachers were interviewed by themselves for 30-60 minutes about the connection between their use of computers and mathematics education development. The interview guide was individually made to order to each teacher to fill gaps in our database. Teachers also participated as a group in a final interview to identify the key themes that are rising from the data. All interviews were recorded by audio and were transcribed by both the teachers and the students.
One teacher said that it freed students from the repetition of physically creating different kinds of displays, and it also made it easier for the students to make patterns.
She said that it took far less time to create products and students enjoyed the activities, and that some math strands were easier to address on-line than off-line, for example, storing data, constructing graphs, and editing graphs in data management problems.

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