"Who invented the computer?" There's no simple answer to this question.The real answer is that many inventors contributed to the history of computers. A computer is acomplex pieceofmachinerymadeupofmanyparts, eachofwhichcanbe consideredaseparate invention. I think they are the most valuable modern invention. Many would agree that computers are somewhat an essential part of our lives today and are very beneficial. Computers do, however, have some downfalls.I will explore the disadvantages and advantages of this modern invention.
I believe the two major disadvantages of computers are viruses and hackers. A virus is a piece of program code that makes copies of itself and spreads by attaching itself to your computer's operating systems. This leads to infection relating to your computer's applications causing you to spend money on repairs. Hacking is also a big disadvantage involved with computers.A hacker is a person who secretly invades your computer without authorization. Filesstoredonyour computercanbe accessed,stolen,and even editedby ahacker if security measuresaren't implemented.
Although there are some negative aspects to computers, there are also positive aspects.With computers today, you can save money on your telephone bill by sending electronic mail. You can access huge databases such as the World Wide Web where you can view a variety of things such as a database of all the products a company sells.Common taskscanbe automated for increasedefficiencysuch aspaying bills,shopping, searchingfor jobs,reading newspapers, writingpapers, andinteractingwithnewpeople.
Overall, technology has created many advantages and disadvantages. I plan to focus on the advantages and learn to deal with the downfalls of computers. It is my personal opinion that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.Computers aren't exactly t

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