Removing SubSeven is a two-step procedure due to you having to shutdown and delete the trojan.
Firstly, boot into MS-DOS mode. Do this by shutting down your computer and starting it up again. While its loading press F8 multiple times until you get a text based list. This will have an option called “Command prompt only”. This is MS-DOS so move the highlighter onto that and press enter. This will load DOS and you will be prompted with C:*. You are now in DOS mode.
Now that you’re in DOS, type cd windows. This will take you into the Windows directory. It will look like something like this:
Now you must delete some files. You can do this by typing the following commands exactly as they appear below:
Note: Some files will have the error “File not Found”.
Once you have done that, type exit. This will take you back to Windows. Now when you run Windows, you may find errors saying some file is not found. This is due to that the trojan is designed to run every time you start Windows, but you deleted the trojan so it cant run anymore. It’s now time to remove the parts added onto your computer which make the trojan start every time you boot.
Click on the Start menu, and then click on Run. In run, you will be required to type in regedit. The following is what it should look like:
Now regedit, the Windows Registry Editor, should open. This is the heart of your computer, so don’t delete anything you dont need to delete. When regedit starts, you will see a file-like tree on the left hand panel. Expand the folders to follow the path:
At the end, click on ‘Run’ once, and the right hand panel should change. It should look similar to the following:
Look on the right of the regedit box for the following:
SystemTrayIcon = “C:WINDOWSSysTrayIcon.Exe”
If you have one of these, click on it once with the left mouse button, then right click on it. When the menu item appea…

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