Computer Games

The number of computers sold and the percentage of people who own them is steadily on the rise. Since such a big rise has occured, a great demand for more enterainment has been made for computers. The number of personal computers that have been purchased throughout the world has reached an astonishing 93 million with 36 million being bought in the United States. The percent of americans who have PCs in their homes is an amazing fifty percent (Samuel 52). Eveyone doesn’t have the same entertainment needs which means program designers need to develop new software to meet these needs. Meeting the needs is a very difficult task and cannot be done on regular working staffs. so to keep up with the ever-increasing demand the software companies have employed over one million people in order to keep up with the demand of software and to stay ahead of the competition (Samuelson 52).
Some people believe that adults are the only ones using the 36 million PCs. This belief is very untrue. Actually, children are the future comsumers of computer companies. Computer companies are developing instructional learning games and video games. The video game department is the main money maker for the companies. Since the companies are wanting to make more profit , they are starting to promote 3-D graphics, virtual-reality games in magazines and special effects to grab a hold of the kid’s attention.
Companies have brought a lot of new technology into the gaming world. The games are becoming much more real with number of bits contained in the games to produce the highest quality graphics. Companies are not using these advancements to reproduce the games, but rather to make newer games that require a new strategy or concept. Computer game designers began to take pride in making the scenes in their games as real as possible and as gory as possible. This raises a question of should kids be allowed to play these games. The number

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