Computer Crimes

Times have changed and the world of technology is growing.These new times are also bringing new crimes. The crimes that I am talking about are crimes committed with computers.Computer crimes started in the early 1970's and have become more and more prevalent.The reason computer crimes have increased is because of the popularity of the internet and the fact that people are becoming more and more computer literate.Many types of crimes are done on the computer.The most common crimes committed on the Internet are: Forgery (of E-mail), assault (on your Web site, E-mail box, or computer system), fraud (cyber scams), and robbery (theft of valuable information). Computer crimes can be done against the government, companies, and even everyday people.In my paper I will discuss computer crimes dealing the government, computer stalking, and computer criminals.
When some commits a crime against the Government , it effects the whole country. In 1995, the Internal Revenue Service instituted new regulations on electronic tax filing and returns.The reason for this action was to stop a rash of fraud that cost tax payers million of dollars in 1994.Returns that were filed using the computer turned out to be process by fictitious companies. Terrorists are becoming more computer literate because they realize the amount of information regarding the government defense are stored and found on computers. Terrorists are also targeting technology and utility companies because they realize the damage caused would be wide spread and devastating. There are six common types of computer attacks:Military/Intelligence Attacks, Business Attacks, Financial Attacks, Terrorist Attacks,Grudge Attacks, and Reasonless Attacks. . Our national security is at jeopardy simply because the military's system is susceptible to computer crime just as is any network system. The U. S. Air Force once hired a hacker to try to break into their systems. The…

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