Computer Communications

Internet communications are a wonderful tool.Now through the help of many computer aids we can do almost anything faster and in the comfort of our own home.It has only been a few years since the use of typewriters; if you think about it technology has expanded for so many years.Computers are a part of our everyday lives in some way or another."Social relations are being transformed by the developments of telecommuting, hypermedia systems, and a new world of on-line information"(Plant 74).Though computer communications can be seen as a way to limit social activities with other people, it is also a good way to contact people globally.Not only can you use a computer for communications, but also they are helpful uses for business and educational tools.The internet computer technology has made our lives easier and more efficient.Just look as all of the opportunities we can now do, anything from traveling, shopping, or keeping in touch with friends and relatives from!
a distance, as well as locally.Personal, social, and business relations are positively effected by the use of computer technology.
Cheap communications can easily be done through the use of computer technology.Take the comparison of phone-bill verses the computer.Lets say you call someone in France, for instance, if I were to call twice a month every month, the bill for those two calls, if twenty minutes each might cost around the price of one hundred dollars.Now if I were to talk on a computer to my friend in France, by email, I could talk everyday, all-day for only about twenty dollars a month."The internet puts me in touch with thousands of people across the country"(Stoll 80).Now, would you rather pay and extra hundred dollars a month for two calls or pay twenty to talk whenever.As a college student and short on funds, I would rather talk to my family six hours away as much as I want for only twenty dollars a month, in…

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