Computer Bugs

Original release date: June 19, 2001
There has been a dramatic increase in reports of website defacements and scans for hosts listening on TCP port 80. This activity appears to be related to the “Code Red” worm, a recently discovered worm that exploits the buffer overflow in the IIS Indexing Service DLL.More information can be found at
· Systems running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0 enabled
· Systems running Microsoft Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, Advanced Server, Datacenter Server)
· Systems running beta versions of Microsoft Windows XP
There is a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in one of the ISAPI extensions installed with most versions of IIS 4.0 and 5.0 (The specific Internet/Indexing Service Application Programming Interface extension is IDQ.DLL).
The vulnerability allows the attacker to run code of their choice. The attacker may have complete control of the victim's system.I think this kind of worm is a common one and administrators need to be aware of new system bugs and apply the appropriate fixes.
The solution to this problem is a apply patch.Appropriate patches to protect against attack can be downloaded from the Internet.

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