Compulsory voting should be abolished. No citizen should be

When people talk about compulsory voting some say that yes it should be a law while others will say no it should be abolished, the really smart people might say that compulsory voting isn't a law its compulsory enrolment that is. These people are part right compulsory enrolment was introduced in 1911 which ment that every person has to enrol on the electoral rolls. Soon after this the compulsory voting legislation was passed very quickly and quietly through parliament as a privates member's bill in 1924
On the 3rd of March 1996, immediately after the polling day for the 1996 federal election the Newspoll Market Research held a national survey which was to do with compulsory voting at federal elections, 74% of these people who were survey supported the idea of compulsory voting. This survey was done on behalf of the AEC. The AEC still doesn't have an official view on whether enrolment and voting should become compulsory or not .
The Term Compulsory voting is actually incorrect. It is only registration and attendance at a polling place this is compulsory. The voter does not have to vote properly when they enter the ballot box they can simply walk in there get their name signed off and simply go straight to the box and place their paper in the box and walk out. So the law on compulsory voting is not clearly defined because a person still has the choice to vote or not but they don't have a choice when it comes to registering as a voter.
There is a very strong argument against compulsory voting, some of these arguments are some of these arguments are that it is undemocratic to force people to vote, those people who are stupid and those who have little interest in politics are forced to the polls, it could increase the amount of donkey votes and informal votes, and that resources must be allocated to determine whether those who failed to vote have a valid or sufficient reason .All of these comments can easily

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