Complexities of farming

The complexion of farming is changing radically. The land cannot support as many farm families as it did in an earlier time. Small farms are being consolidated into larger ones. General farms, with several kinds of crops and a barnyard of farm animals, are yielding to specialty farms that concentrate on a single major crop. Family farms are declining; corporate farms are increasing. Efficiency is growing. Crops are changing. Techniques are improving. Just as the train, tractor, truck, and airplane changed farm life in the past, the computer and robotics are expected to change farm life in the future (AOL, 1997). And the outcome of this is that during the early 1980’s and continuing, the farmer’s source of income is indeed being stripped from him. What was once the only means of survival for these farmers, has now become distant memory.
Farming techniques are undergoing tremendous changes. Farming will surely become more efficient throughout the world. It will also become more scientific and, in the process perhaps lose some of its romance. People who formerly lived on farms and have fond memories of their rural childhood will barely recognize the new farms. For farmers of the future, it will not be enough to know how to drive a tractor and plow a straight furrow. Farmers must change with the industry, as it becomes increasingly more sophisticated. The farmer must become more of a specialist to compete in the marketplace. This is a reason why many of today’s farm families are on a decline; that is, that today’s farmers are not able to purchase the latest machinery or equipment, for they have to be cautious about where they put their money. The 1980’s sometimes referred to as the “farm crisis” decade of the 1980’s, while the 1970’s were referred to as the “boom years”. It was in this time period that farms expanded in size and farm numbers dropped. But in the 1980’s, two unusual things happened.
First, older farmers seemed to stay…

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