Comparison of television violence and solid parenting

The people of this country have a problem with facing facts. Everyday we turn on the news only to hear about children dying in the streets, the playgrounds, and even in there own homes. Many will blame TV for problems with children and teenagers citing that kids today have no morals or conscious. But it isn't the problem the problem is abusive parents, fewer after school sponsored activities, and children practically raising them selves while both or one parent works all the time. When children are neglected they find activities to get them attention including becoming violent, this is not the result of watching to much TV.
Charles Oliver from REASON magazines cites "For 30 years or so television defined a broad-based popular American culture. But beginning in the 80's, that culture began to break down, dividing into small subcultures, as technology, deregulation, and market demand made it increasingly difficult for the broadcast networks to attract a broad national audience. In turn each of these subcultures influences each other, producing a mainstream culture that is currently evolving at an ever more-rapid rate"(Oliver 58). By this he shows that each generation is different from the others and what defined one group won't define the others. Obviously this shows the generation gap, and also why older folks don't understand the younger generations psyche, the television dosen't influence but takes the place of the missing mommy and daddy.
Others such as David Grossmanwho wrote the article Trained to kill will argue that children are taught to be mindless drones through the television. "Killing is a learned skill. And they learn it from abuse and violence in the home and, most pervasively, from violence as entertainment in television, the movies, and interactive video games"(Grossman 114).Grossman a former military psychologist has seen many soldiers and taught them how to adj…

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