Comparison of Plato and Socrates theory vs. Aristotle Theory

Plato and Socrates can explain their theory of knowledge by way of method; the Elenchus: admitting one’s ignorance, inquiry, and purpose of theory.They can explain that individuals were naturally born with all knowledge-because they recollect what they already know. Furthermore, genetic disabilities or disorders are attained through injury or diseases occurred after a person already possessed all knowledge. One will in fact, become able to commemorate the apprehension of data with what a he or she previously obtain innately. Since knowledge is not taught, but acquired through the recognition of one’s blindness;people also will move as far as they can from concentrating on the intelligible world to In-born abilities that identify individuals and see who they are and what they can and should do with their lives. In addition, the Elenchus explains and justifies the statement-that is, the acceptance of one’s ignorance by conclusion that people should look beyond the physical, toward the ideal world-;the Sun;-the way of enlightenment. However, if they are more curious, that is, they have the necessary controlling soul ability, then they will want and be able to study subjects that invite then to wonder about the why’s and wherefore’s. For instance, plane and then solid geometry; and if thinking about the volume of cubes and spheres still intrigues some of the ignorants, they will want to go on to still more abstract subjects:
anatomy and astronomy. Each of these entices the soul, if it can, to recollect more abstractly. At the very least each of these four subject will be useful to one who would be happy and successful engineers or architects of which are necessary professions. I do not see exactly what it is, or how it is necessary, what? Inquiry. Why is it the ;acme; as one may call it. Since pure ideas-particularly the Idea of the good-which is the closest any human can come to focus upon the intelligible world. B…

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