Comparison Between Two political parties in Chile (PPD; PS)

This project is based upon comparing two contemporary parties to each other, and then to the parties of Chile in the XIXth century. But before one can start to study this aspect, they must answer the question: “What is a political party?” By dictionary definition, the reply is: “An established political group organized to promote and support its principles and candidates for public office.” We agree with this statement. A party is a gathering of people to promote their ideals and wishes in the government.
Every party has it’s leader and members, and is constantly in a battle to achieve presidency over the country. To do this they must gather support fom the people, oftentimes presenting them with statements that say that the people’s wishes will come true, should the party rise to power. This incentive, of course, makes people vote.
This project begins by analyzing both parties, in all their aspects; and then goes on to compare them to each other. Finally, we compare these parties to the parties in XIXth century Chile.
Description of the Parties Being Compared
The main principle of this party is to employ all forms of socialism in all aspects of society; maintaining that they have upheld socialism for all of their existence. They state that capitalism is a vile way of ruling a country; that it places “egotistical and separatist” thoughts in the minds of the people who they govern. This party aims to use democracy as a method of uniting all the aspects of society, to give them all a fair right to speak. They quote: “La democracia, para los socialistas, es el sistema politico que debe asegurar la convivencia entre los diversos componentes de la sociedad e inducir, por tanto, al desarrollo de los valores de la solidaridad y de la participación ciudadana en todas las esferas de la vida social.”
This party claims that the economy of Chile is quite inneficient. According to their figures, for every 5% increase in produ…

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