Comparing Four Countries

An established democracy has two main parts. They need to have free and fair elections and they should also have equal voting rights. When free and fair elections occur it means the absence of barriers to the full participation of all citizens, without any form of discrimination; the absence of any form of intimidation (What is a "free and fair" election). The term equal voting rights means to be able to have equal access to the voting process. Based on free and fair elections and equal voting rights, the following nations are ranked; one being the best and four being the worst; Germany, South Africa, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.
Germany is an established democracy because they have elections every for years for the person they want to run the country. But at the same time the citizens also have to vote for the party they want to run the region. To be able vote in Germany that person has to eighteen years old and they have to at least live in Germany for three months (German Culture). Germany also is an established democracy because they show traits of equal voting rights. For example, when someone is done voting they put their ballot in an envelope and put it in the box (Voting in Germany). This means that there is not someone with a gun, threatening you to vote for someone they do not want to. Another example of how Germany shows equal voting rights is if that person cannot vote on their day then they would vote by proxy. If a citizen is an absentee voter, they have to have the following problems: professional reasons, illness or advanced age or disability or other physical condition which would prevent the voter from getting to the polling station, or if a person moves out of the area immediately prior to the election and there is not enough time to re-register on the electoral roll at the new voting office (Voting in Germany).
South Africa is another example of an established democracy because as like Germany they ho…

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