Comparing Canadian and American Government

The governments of Canada and the United States are theoretically based on the political system of democracy. In the United States, their particular system of checks and balances severely disrupts the operations of the government. In addition to this, the American electoral process does not operate in a way where individual’s interests are the main focus. In Canada, not only is our electoral system more democratic than that of the United States, but our system of government, including checks and balances, ensures a smoother running government which is more able to fairly govern the nation. The Canadian and American executive branches differ in a way which allows Canada to make executive decisions with much more foresight into future ramifications than our United States counterparts. Furthermore, the Canadian legislative branch functions much more fairly than that of the United States.The Canadian government is a more democratic one than the United States government given their system of checks and balances, their electoral process and the influence of the people on the legislative and executive branches.
The checks and balances system in governments allows certain branches to validate or ensure decisions made by other branches are just. For example, in the United States, the Supreme Court decides whether or not legislation is constitutional. In Canada, the Governor General, under extreme circumstances, may protect the people from a Prime Minister who chooses to make unjust decisions by refusing powers to the Prime Minister. In the United States, the Head of State cannot do this because they are the same person. The Canadian system of checks and balances is less direct and fixed than that of the United States. Canada’s checks and balances lie within our idea ofresponsible government?. This is more of a safety precaution than a system. The cabinet is the official ruling body; however, it is not free from the House of Commons. When t…

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