Comparative Essay – World Issu

If we were to take a moment to step back and look at the community that we are a part of, what would we see? We would see building after building making money and providing jobs, corporations contributing to our community. We would see people traveling to work everyday, which helps provide a stable income for the family so that they will be able to enjoy another month of meals and feel safe in the warm comforts of their homes. We would be privileged with the availability of health care and education. The luxuries that we can obtain and enjoy are well developed than other nations, so why, with war, do we want to limit the growth and development of other countries? Do we find thrill or satisfaction in achieving greater power and status? Our leaders must influence to better their nation with money, awareness of their people, justification and alertness for potential dangers.
"All we insist that Congress be wise with your money, we're going to make sure we spend enough to win this war." (Bush: Saddam Throwing Last Chance Away) President George W. Bush insists that in order to "allow'the oppressed people of Iraq, whose lives we care about,' to live in freedom and liberty," (Bush: Saddam Throwing Last Chance Away) the only resolution is to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein. Bush also states, "we don't believe freedom and liberty are America's gift to the world. We believe they're Almighty's gift to mankind." (Bush: Saddam Throwing Last Chance Away) If this was the case why not direct more money to better build the world instead of using money for destruction.
"Pentagon estimates say that an invasion of Iraq could led to the deaths of 10 000 innocent civilians." (10 Reasons To Oppose The War With Iraq) There are greater contributions that one can offer in life, one that destroys this opportunity, ruins the chance of future development.
"CBO estimated that the…

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