In China, Cuba, Laos, North, Korea, and Vietnam is still a communism system.So many other countries use to have a none-capitalism owner-ship structure; countries like GDR (German Democratic Republic), USSR (Union of a Socialistic Soviet Republic) and other countries, in which system fall in a process between the 1980's and 1990's.The theories of social structure and its fall were philosophized by Marx.He also wrote the concepts of the communism system.
Carl Heinrich Marx was born on Mai 5th,1818 in Pressburg.He was one of three children.He attended the High School in Bonn (Germany) and Berlin and studied philosophy at the university of Jena.
In 1841 Marx and Friedrich Engels became the "Feuerbachianer".They were restudying the work and theories from Ludwid Feuerbach.Feuerbach expressed the relationship between nature and religion.Marx and Engels disagreed with many of those theories and Marx described his own believes about this particular issue.In his explanation was a part included which involves a objective view of ownership.This was thefirst record that researchers found about a none-capitalism system from Marx or any philosopher before.
1950 he started an intensive study of national-economic in Britain.Hisfirst works were published in 1867 and one of it was called "The capital".A 20 years long study about materialism and why it occurs.The materialism was the topic of another published work, "The theories about the Over-Earning of Products", in 1885-1910.Those published works are printed after Marx's death.He died in London in 1883 on March 14th.
Marx said that a particular developing of countries goes through different governmental and ownership structure-levels.His theory was that that every society starts out with the "Age-Old-Society", followed by a "antic Slave-Trading-Society", to a Feudalism, then a Capitalism

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