Communism Versus Democracy

Every country needs to have a stable and effective government in order to form a prosperous and peaceful society.Due to the fact that each country has different culture and ways of living,people's opinion on political system may vary: some people find one type of government system suitable for the society they belong to while others may prefer a different type because it gives them better living standard in one way or the other.Long ago, humans started to choose leaders for the protection and development of their regions.This system has still beenpreserved till the present day that people choose a representative or a leader in the hope that they would lead their hometown into better directions.The two major types of political systems this paper will cover are Democracy and Communism.Despite their differences, both systems seek ways to help improve and reform a society.To fully understand the aspects and principles of both systems, it would be wise to acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of each system so that we can comprehend why one system become so popular while the other collapse.
Communism.According to the Webster's dictionary, communism is fundamentallya system of social organization in which property (especially real property and the means of production) is held in common. In other words, communism attempt to establish a non class society where people live with the jobs provided by the government. It is the ideology based on equality. Communism hasn't just recently been invented, but its idea of having no institutions of private property hasfirst begun in the ancient Greek era.However in modern usage, communism sometimes refer to the movement that aim to overthrow the capitalist order by revolutionary or mass protest.There are lots of people who criticize the ideas and operations of communism, but the problem is that these people are too narrow minded that they overlook the b…

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