Communism is a term that has several meanings. According to Frederick Engels,communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat(Engels). It can be a form of government, an economic system, a revolutionary movement, or a way of life. Communism is also a set of ideas about how and why history moves, and in what direction it is headed. These ideas were mainly developed by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin from the teachings of Karl Marx. Lenin was a Russian leader in the early 1900's. Marx was a German philosopher who lived in the 1800's. According to communists, their long range goal is a society that provides equality and economic security for all(World Book). Basically, the whole world would need to fall under the power of a communist society. Communism is an okay idea when executed properly, yet I do not think that it can be successful do to human's natural need for possessions. My standpoint on this pericope is utilitarianism.
World domination under communism is close to impossible at this day and age because in order to do so, all communists would need to unite to form one communist party. The problem is that since the prosperous times of communism around World War !!, so many varieties of communist beliefs have been formed that it would not be possible for all to come to a conclusive agreement.
Because of human nature, people like to be able to do and say as they want. Under communism, this would be almost completely abolished .Communist states are dictatorships whose rulers permit little public or organized criticism. Communist leaders want the support of the people, yet they do not depend on it to stay in power like democracies do. Communism allows little of a person's life to remain outside the party's control. This kind of government is often referred to as totalitarianism.
The terms communism and socialism often get confused. Communists usually refer to their bel

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