Communication Breakdown(SARS)

No communication, no government.Communication is crucial to public administration. It enables transmitting of information or inter-changing thoughts. Hence, effective communication ensures the maximization of 3Es, i.e. efficiency, economy and effectiveness.
SARS is a global public health issue. It gripped everyone in the atmosphere of anxiety and horror. Hong Kong was the second-hardest-hit place in the world. After the outbreak in March 2003, the fatal disease has killed 299 people from 1755 infections in the territory. Facing this new and sudden crisis, it seems reasonable that more effective communication is needed for the Hong Kong government to combat SARS. However, Hong Kong government is blamed fir reacting too slow to this crisis due to its ineffective communication with its departments, the general public and the mainland officials. As the chairman of Democratic Party Dr. Yeung Sum commented, Hong Kong government needs more effective communication with both the public and mainland . In this essay, I am going to discuss the criteria of effective communication and state the communication failures at all levels during the SARS period.
The main objective of a communication is to'transmit a message'. Hence, an effective communication would make the targeted audience to receive the messages without barriers or distortions. Therefore, reasonable time must be spent to allow transmitting sufficient information.
Secondly, Communication is bilateral. Communication is not just merely transmitting message. Responds must be present . Hence, an effective communication will usually lead to and enable respond to the messages transmitted.
Thirdly, a well-established channel for communication is also essential for an effective communication. The main function of the channels is to remove or reduce the obstacles in communication. This function is much more important, especially during crisis. For example, if there is a w…

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