Common sense

Common Sense written by Thomas Paine argues for American Independence. His arguments begin with his views about government and religion. He also specifies the colonial situation.In the beginning of his argument Paine expresses his view of how government should be distinguished from society. Government according to him should be an institution that protects life, liberty and property. On the other hand, a society is everything constructive and good that people join to gather to accomplish. Paine then argues his disagreement on British reign in America. Paine disagrees with the British government system. To understand the purpose of government, Paine explains the simplicity of how a small percent of people put on a deserted land can eventually govern their selves. From here Paine moves on to explain the notion of monarchy and hereditary succession. He explains the unnatural process of being ruled by a king because according to him, god created man with equality. Atfirst, Paine explains that the world didn't have kings, but the ancient Jews wanted a king so god accepted it. Paine doesn't except the notion of having a king and considers it a sin. Regarding hereditary succession, Paine disagrees with monarchy being passed through family. He explains kingship shouldn't be passed from a King to his child because he believes that brings forth wars and incompetent kings.
After arguing about the basic theories of government and society, Paine further discusses the details of the American situation. Paine argues that America does not need the rule of the British to flourish. He further argues that British only watched over American to support its own economic status. Due to the fact that British only attacked American colonies instead of protecting them, they do not deserve American loyalty. Due to the decline in prosperity because of the British rule over America, Paine proposes to break away from their rule. Paine says th…

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