Common cold

Specific Purpose:To inform the audience about the characteristics and treatment of the common cold
Central Idea:The common cold is a highly contagious virus spread in many different ways and is best treated with traditional remedies.
I.What is the most common illness in the world?
II. If you guessed the "common" cold you are correct.
III. According to the US Health Services, adults get 2 to 3 colds every year.
IV. On any one day 930,000 people have cold symptoms and 30% of the work force will miss work w/ a cold.
V.I would like to answer three questions
(Transition:Let's address question 1first:what exactly is a cold?)
I.The common cold is the world's most prevalent upper respiratory infection caused by the Rhino virus
A.Anyone with a Bio background will know that the rhino virus affects the mucus cells in the nose and disrupts those cells normal function.
1.They perform reproduction there.
2.250 different types of Rhino viruses
3.Your immune system has the only cure for these viruses but only after you have a specific strain
a. Can only get each strain once.
F.If you live to 70, you will most likely get 2 to 3 colds a year until then
(Transition:Now let's examine how colds are spread)
II. Colds can only enter into other peoples nasal mucus cells if the are somehow directly transported there.
1.Direct contact through the hands
B.One type of droplet contamination and a really good way to spread a cold is the cough.
1.The cold virus affects the lining of the throat and multiplies mucus cells that congests the walls of the throat causing the tickle in the throat feeling.
2.The tickle causes you to cough
3.When you cough the virus is carried out of

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