Columbus heretic vs hero

In retrospect, the mission in Bolivia seemed to have been doomed from the start. The very foundation that created the revolution failed it immediately, due to this fact,from the beginning to the end the revolution seemed an imminent failure.If one sat down and tried to reconstruct an account on how not to fight a guerilla war, Che Guevara's mission in Bolivia would be considered somewhat of a text as what not to do, just as his earleir writings on Guerilla warfare map out the details of success.
This then creates one the perplexing contrast which in itself has raised some serious questions about the integrity of the Boliviancampaign, with many condescending eyes leading in the direction of Fidel Castro. The failures, mistakes, misfortune and miscalculations have all been discussed earlier, and one cannot deny the fact that many errors were made by Che himself, nonetheless, one must also question the role played by Fidel Castro. As chief sponsor of the Bolivian expedition, Fidel Castro bears much of the responsibility for both the defeat and death of his very close comrade.
On Che's return to Cuba from a disastrous campaign in Belgian Congo, Che found consolation in the fact that his grandest dream of an intercontinental organization for underdeveloped nations with its headquarters in Cuba had been founded in Cuba only a few months earlier by Fidel Castro. From January 3 to 151966, thefirst conference of the Organization of Solidarity of Asian, African and ALtin American Peoples was held in Havana. Some four hundered delegates from the underdeveloped world attended. The main topic of discussion turned out to be the revolutionary ideas of Che Guevara and the almsot romantic goal of a continental revolution, modeled after the success of the Cuban revolution. Almost immedietley he began the realization of his oldest dream. The liberation of Latin Americas opressed and exploited peoples.A location to begin this …

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