The tragedy at Columbine High School is something that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.People from across the nation have all heard about this event.But there are still a couple questions that people have.For instance who's to blame?The kids alone, the parents for how they brought the children up, or even actually the students at Columbine?Most say that the parents are to blame, but who actually knows? In my opinion the only two people that can actually answer this question truthfully are both dead.
Everyone wants answers.Did the kids have help? Who was it? Who sold them the weapons and why?Why did they do this?How could they do this?I had a class about the last question.Who could actually go into a room and commit a crime of massacre in a school of people that you know and have grown up with?Most of our class thought that they couldn't ever get enough anger to do anything even remotely as bad, but when you actually think about it, if you had no friends and where made fun of all the time.It looked like your parents, teachers, and even all your own piers where against you.I think anyone could snap and maybe even do something as drastic as this (Why at Columbine High).
Did the boys, Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18, have any help doing this crime.As of yet no one has true evidence that proves they did except they did find who sold them the weapons.Police found around thirty small bombs and one twenty-pound propane bomb in the school, enough explosives to blow the school into almost nothing.For this reason people believe that the boys either had to have help or they had visited the school many times to plan this assault.No one talking though and no proof has been found.Their not only looking for information from someone that could point to someone that had helped they're also looking for someone that had known that this was going to happen, so that the…

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