College Students vs Stress

Though going to college has its advantages, as receiving a higher education, or getting a good job, yet behind these promising aspects, students undoubtedly face stress at a young age.Midterms, finals, papers, projects, etc. are among those that put students under pressure.However, one could deal with stress by connecting himself with the world outside instead of keeping it inside until he explodes emotionally and psychologically.Several methods of connecting is having a supportive relationship with his family, a circle of friends, extracurricular activities, and free time for his own relaxation.
Teenagers tend to drift farther away from their families as they grow up, yet little do they know that the best source of comfort is from their parents and siblings.When a student undergoes stress, he usually turns to his family in needs of support.He needs them to show their love, their belief in his ability to complete his work.Parents and siblings give a stressed out student the homely environment that is necessary for his mind, in a way sharing his stress.Those home cooked meals from a student's mother also help alleviate the pressure he endures.
In addition to family encouragement, having friends around is also an escape for the stressed student.Peer support is usually more effective in relieving anxiety.Even though parents understand how strained their child is in college, the student finds it easier to share his worries with those his age.This is because his friends also undergo stress in a similar environment as he does.Thus, it is best to give oneself some times to go out and talk to his friends.Interaction with peers helps relieving the pressure and stress that the student is suffering from.
Extracurricular activities also contribute to helping a student escape from his stress.Spending several hours during a weekend to volunteer for a nursing home or to clean his neig

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