College: Decisions, Decisions

When parents start saving excessive amounts of money in an account in hopes that their son or daughter will use that money to go to college, often they are faced with an in the face shocker: "binge drinking" on campus nationwide. Many parents know that there is drinking on campus, but their little Tommy/Susie are all grown up and are supposed to make the best decisions possible. But the peer pressure is enormous compared to those high school days and if you want to be in a fraternity or sorority you often go through "rush week" which consists of pranks, jokes, pledging and serious drinking. Those who haven't really drank before college often over-drink, ending up in the emergency room or even dead in the dormitory on their floor. Are students as well as parents ready to face the pressures of society's cruelty? There are always the hopes of one's morals that will oversee the obstacles we face and step up to the challenge and do the right thing, even if that means not drinking and being looked at as a wimp. You are responsible for your own survival. Today as more students are attending college they are forced to consume excessive amounts of liquor, due to the vulnerability of giving into the pressures of the upperclassmen and frat brothers/sorority sisters. This sometimes results in death or the loss of a friend, family, and the right education.
What is "binge drinking"? The question that everyone is trying to answer: binge drinking is said to be the consuming of an alcoholic beverage regularly at least five drinks in a single outing. Although many would say binge drinking is consuming an amount such as six beers, three shots, and a couple mixed drinks, so that you will get so wasted you can't even do the regular day-to-day activities, this would be a typical student's definition of binge drinking. The causes of death in binge drinking is the co

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