Cold Mountain

Written from a third person, perspective point of view, Cold Mountain is a novel that depicts the themes of self-determination, undying love, generosity, and self-reliance, several themes that are found in society.Author Charles Frazier creates the characters of Ada and Inman to take on a quest of self-discovery as they live through the aftermath of the Civil War and try hopelessly to move on and hopefully find their way back to a love they had in the past.Frazier begins the novel by introducing Inman, who is wounded and goes AWOL from a military hospital to begin a journey back to his love Ada.Soon thereafter, Ada is introduced, an attractive, educated girl, she is left alone when her father dies and must learn how to cope with her feelings and become self-reliant and move on with her life.The novel is the story of Inman's journey back to Ada, and the many encounters she and he witness along the way.
The various people and circumstances that Inman and Ada encounter in their journey procreate several emotional responses that contribute to the several themes of the book.In the beginning of the story, Ada recollects the time when her father was ill with tuberculosis and dies, this sets much of the plot and will contribute to Ada's role in the novel.Ada felt as if she had been abandoned and stranded alone.The farm that she lives on is falling into disrepair and she does not have any insight on how to fix or maintain it.This particular situation relates to the theme of self-reliance and self-determination because Ada must learn to live on her own and not rely on other individuals for support.Eventually, with some help from a woman named Ruby, Ada slowly begins to make reparations on the farm and continue on with her life.
Inman confronts a number of different individuals amid his return to Ada, however one distinct occurrence with a woman named Sara results in violence.Sara has fed, housed, and clothed …

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